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logo Jewel Kade 160x119 Jewel Kade ReviewJewel Kade is a home party company that began when its founder started making jewelry for her children. The products grew in popularity and began to be sold in retail stores, but in 2009 the set switched from retail to a set contrive change. All of Jewel Kade‘s products are hand-crafted in Utah, where the visitor was founded. Jewel Kade sells object necklaces and accessories. The company offers the opportunity to anyone fascinated to prettify a Stylist and get 25% profit on retail occasion, as symptomless as undertake to earn free Jewel Kade product.

Jewel Kade launched in 2008, as well as the company has been manufacturing excellent jewelry, charmware, pewter frames, hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing artwork. Products are sold through property based business enterprise parties, or web site.
Jewel Kade Firm Overview
Jewel Kade
Phone: 877-595-5233

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Founder Janet Kinkade

Janet Kinkade very first launched Jewel Kade back in 2008 along with the firm is positioned in Alpine, Utah. Janet’s passion for designing jewelry came to life when she created charms for her new born baby and his four sisters. Via these charms she developed the Initials Collection, which started selling out like crazy.

Janet officially launched Jewel Kade immediately after her Initials Collection connected with men and women and sold so properly. Despite the fact that the firm was launched in 2008, they didn’t adopt the mlm company model till early 2010.

The Products

As far as jewelry designs, Jewel Kade features a range of items to select from. The firm has their own jewelry studio located in Utah and each and every style is hand made there.
Listed beneath is the breakdown in the various forms of jewelry supplied by the business.

Charms – Included in their charm item line is their Word Sticks, Magnolia Metals, Shadow Boxes, and Initials designs.
Necklaces – Included in their necklace styles are ball chains, ribbons, layering, and pearls.

Accessories – Jewel Kade also provides jewelry accessories such as bracelets, earrings, drops, and JK extras.

Custom Charms – This really is what tends to make their products unique, and with their custom styles you’ll be able to have various charms created.

There are numerous approaches you are able to make money with the business as a stylist (distributor). The principle two methods to earn income are by retailing the items and by constructing your own organization of stylist. You’ll have the capability make immediate earnings at the same time as create long-term, residual revenue.

Furthermore to that, as a stylist you are able to qualify for numerous bonuses exactly where you can earn added earnings and these bonuses are depending on your retail sales volume and business rank.

None of the Jewel Kade scam claims have been true. Many people essentially don’t grasp the business, they just do not comprehend, it is home-based business opportunity; under no circumstances a swift approach for super rapid wealth. Lots of people contemplate; as they register for Jewel Kade, they’ll readily set out to generate profits.

Jewel Kade Internet Popularity Percentile Rank: #79

Jewel Kade ranks in MLM Rankings public interest database against all other MLM companies and home based businesses in MLM Rankings current profile. Jewel Kade’s position in MLM index ranks them at 79 out of 809 home businesses actively tracked in MLM Rankings database.

Jewel Kade Internet Popularity Percentage: 90.36%

This percentage is based on the total number of interest ‘hits’ for all MLM companies and home based business opportunites in our most current monthly profile.

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